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The scorecard is for you to gain insight into your business and begin to plan your digital transformation. It will highlight two critical components:

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The scorecard results will highlight your strengths and weaknesses in each area.

It will show you where investment is needed and which areas would benefit most from implementing new systems and processes;

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What areas of business do we need to measure?

Digital Transformation Method - Culture


Creating an agile and innovative company culture will enable your business to transform itself rapidly. It begins and ends with the open mindset of you, your people and your values.

Digital Transformation Method - People


Your people are the very essence of your business; without them, your business cannot function effectively, despite technology. Share your vision of change, invest in them, and in return, they will invest everything they have in your clients, your business and your vision.

Digital Transformation Method - Collaboration


Encourage your teams to collaborate actively; transcending departments, hierarchy and skills sets. When individuals collaborate, you create a powerful force which together can achieve incredible results.

Digital Transformation Method - Devices


Devices are simply tools to do a job. If you want your people to do a better job, you’ll need to provide better tools. It’s that simple.

Digital Transformation Method - Connectivity


The game-changer. Global operations need to be connected anytime, anywhere and with anyone. It’s a huge part of your digital transformation package and one that you need to get right, the first time.

Digital Transformation Method - Security


Probably the biggest fear when adopting technology is the fact that it won’t be secure. However, the most significant risk to your security is not software; it’s people. Education, training and regular updates are the keys to mitigating risk when implementing and managing new technologies.

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