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Are you Ready

Create a digital transformation strategy

Transform how your company uses technology

The World is changing from Analogue to Digital

You need to evolve to stay ahead of your competition

  • The way we buy and sell products and services has changed
  • Adopting technology to improve productivity is crucial, but you don't know where to start
  • Knowing which technology to invest in is overwhelming
  • You fear change and resist it
  • You don't have the Know-how to make informed decisions
  • You're afraid you'll lose money by making the wrong decision

Sound familiar?

If you are afraid of making the wrong decision, check out my FREE document:

"Why business owners fear to adopt new technology?"

Why is it important to develop Digital Skills ?

In 1960 the UK was the most productive country in Europe, but today European workers are 20% more productive than British workers?


While productivity in the UK has continued to grow, why has the rate been slower than our European counterparts?


Several factors impact productivity and growth, including the adoption, implementation and integration of technology.

01 - UK Productivity

To learn more and understand how technology can accelerate growth, download my FREE document:

"What are the best strategies to use when adopting and implementing  new technology?"

Are you ready for a Digital World?

Gain insight on the 6 strengths your company needs to develop for a successful digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Method - Culture


Digital Transformation Method - People


Digital Transformation Method - Collaboration


Digital Transformation Method - Devices


Digital Transformation Method - Connectivity


Digital Transformation Method - Security


How Can I Help?

Headshot of Nuno Soares

Hi, I’m Nuno, Business owner and Consultant at Clear IT Solutions.

I specialise in helping companies use technology to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I've developed an in-depth understanding of processes, procedures and best practices which I share with business owners, like you, to help accelerate growth.

I've created my unique method called CLEAR (Conscious, Learn, Engineer, Achieve and Resources) to help identify your current position and enabling you to plan and execute the RIGHT digital transformation strategy.

I began my career as a computer programmer and database developer, then deciding I needed a greater challenge; I moved into IT Support services. I quickly realised the problem faced by many companies is the lack of understanding and tech knowledge of which path to take and how to sustain rapid growth to be successful.

I started my own business, Clear IT Solutions, to support companies like yours and help them on the path to success.

As a business technology consultancy firm, we help a broad range of companies across a wide range of industries, transform the way they adopt and integrate technology into their businesses.

What you need to do

1. Download my PDF's

2. Take the Scorecard

3. Attend the Session